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Talk to strangers and get tipped

YunjiAunty likes to talk to strangers, especially when waiting in lines or when nothing is going on.

At Kozo Sushi Kahala, Aunty was next to KITV4’s strikingly beautiful news anchor, Yunji deNies.  Yunji was one of the MCs at the recent Cherry Blossom Festival Ball, so not only was she kinda famous, she was also kinda connected, if you understand local da kinds.

Anywho, Yunji was really nice and friendly, and she also shared a great tip with Aunty!  It is the Bishop Estate’s free  Malama app that gives discounts at many businesses that are located on Bishop Estate properties (i.e. LOTS of places such as most of the shopping centers and malls).  The neat thing about it is how it can pull up the discounts based on where you are geographically on the islands.  She whipped out her iPhone, and she got her sushi platter at Kozo for a special price!

It was so easy to download the Malama app.  If you have a hard time doing so, visit the helpful people at any Apple Store.  Update note:  This app freezes if you have the latest operating system on iPhones.  Aunty didn’t upgrade to the ios8 so her Malama app still works.  Hopefully the good folks at Kamehameha Schools fix this glitch in the near future.

Key elements of the Mālama Card iPhone Application:

  • GPS location and merchant map
    Users will have the ability to opt-in to sending GPS coordinates via their iPhone. Once a user opts-in, the application will use this GPS information to pull up a list of merchants and promotions nearest them.The application will display direction, north, south, east and west (N-S-E-W) and how far away the users are from each merchant in meters.We’ve also built in a merchant map screen that shows all Mālama Card merchants on a map along with the user’s current position. This enables the user to browse through all merchants in their area.
  • Virtual merchant and promotion list
    The Mālama Card iPhone application is an alternative method for viewing merchants and promotions available through the Mālama Card program.Giving users access to merchant and promotion lists will make it easier for potential customers to see the value of the Mālama Card program.
  • Virtual Merchant profile screen
    Each Mālama Card merchant has their very own profile screen in the Mälama Card iPhone application. The merchant profile screen displays contact information, address, web address and telephone number.Users can tap the merchant’s web address to view more information directly on their iPhone. Users can also tap the merchant’s phone number to launch the phone utility and send a call to the merchant.
  • Social media integration
    Users can connect to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to send status updates on savings and discounts from the Mālama Card iPhone application. Users can also send an e-mail message to their friends directly from the merchant profile screen.
  • Virtual Malama Card
    Once a user sees a discount they would like to take advantage of, they can tap the “Virtual Card” screen to launch an electronic version of the actual Mālama Card. Customers can show their iPhone to the merchant to redeem their discount or promotion.

All Mālama Card merchants are located on Kamehameha Schools’ commercial properties. These properties include Royal Hawaiian Center, Windward Mall, Pearlridge Center, Kahala Mall, Kapālama Shopping Center, as well as Waipahu, Waiakamilo, Kaka’ako, Keauhou, and Hawai’i Kai. Income from the school’s commercial leases fund KS’ campus and community outreach programs throughout the state.

Kamehameha Schools is a private, educational, charitable trust founded and endowed by the legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Kamehameha Schools operates a statewide educational system enrolling more than 6,900 students of Hawaiian ancestry at K-12 campuses on O’ahu, Maui and Hawai’i and 31 preschool sites statewide. Approximately 37,500 additional Hawaiian learners are served each year through a range of other Kamehameha Schools’ outreach programs, community collaborations and financial aid opportunities in Hawai’i and across the continental United States.

Isn’t this a nifty app to have – save money at all kinds of places, all over Hawaii, for free?  Yunji got her Kozo Sushi Kahala discount on sushi platters right off the bat.  Next time, Aunty will too, as well as 10% off at one of Aunty’s favorite lunch places next door, Ba-Le (note update:  Ba-Le doesn’t honor the discount.  Oh well, it is still one of Aunty’s favorites – their beef stew is delicious as well as their tofu sandwich.)

Mahalo much, Yunji!  So glad to have a nice new niece!

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