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The thumb and forefinger flight saga

Aunty is in Vegas right now – for a real short trip to check out some cheap condos.  The approach landing into Vegas was a bit too bouncy for me and I didn’t have my usual stash of li hing mui (salted dried plum) or ginger to help, so I tried a therapy that I had heard about for motion sickness, but never tested yet.

There is a little acupuncture point in the area between your thumb and forefinger, about an inch in from the where it makes an inside corner.  Squeeze with the thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand.  Squeeze with medium hard pressure and alternate.

As Aunty started to think “oh-oh” when the plane started bouncing and thoughts of motion sickness began creeping into the psyche, Aunty started pinch squeezing the pressure point, and instantly the creepy oh-oh this is not good moment passed and so Aunty kept squeezing until the queasiness totally went away.

This pressure point is also good for helping to ease headaches.  The bigger your headache, the more sensitive this spot will be when squeezed.  Squeeze for 5 seconds, release for 5 seconds, and repeat over and over, alternating to the other hand after about 3 squeezes.

So far it has been a break even jaunt on the penny machines and on the Pai Gow table, and it is homeward bound on Hawaiian Airlines tomorrow evening.  I almost kind of wish it is a bouncy flight again so I can test out this therapy again, but the wish for a smooth flight is stronger.

This post will also be injected into the Travel Tips page.  A happy stomach makes air travel much more bearable.  Please let me know if it works for you!

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