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Tried and true, best of the best.  And easy.  I don’t like to cook, so if I do have to cook, it has to be simple and delicious, or else we go out and eat at Zippy’s.

I bought a few musubis from Mana Bu’s and shared some with good friend Lin.  As we were happily munching on it, I commented on how perfect it was.  The rice was cooked perfectly, the salt taste just enough, the nori really good, and the filling (tuna mayonnnaise at the time) tasty and spread just right.  Little bites, chew, savor, yum.  I know Mana Bu’s uses really good rice – short grain Tamanishiki rice and even though I sometimes use that rice, somehow it was better in Mana Bu’s musubi.  Lin is a very wise cook, and she said she thinks they use less water than normal to cook the rice because it wasn’t mooshy at all.  Each rice grain held it’s own and could be separated.

Here’s how (using those automatic rice cookers):  After rinsing the rice, put just a bit less water than the norm.  Example – if you are cooking 2 cups of rice, put 2 dry rice cups (comes with the cooker) in the pot and rinse well.  Add water, but not all the way up to the 2 cup line.  Rice is better that way – not too mushy, more like the stuff they serve in good Japanese restaurants that make you comment, “This is really good rice!”

Here’s a video on peeling potatoes the easy way:

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