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Tired of Teeth

Aunty loves to visit Jalna’s photo blog site because it is such a delightful slice of Hawaii local-ness with great photos and links to her photographer friends’ sites.

I know Jalna, kinda, through our mutual pal Fay, so I post comments from time to time.  Like the last time when she had the very funny clip of the Three Stooges on stage doing “NIAGARA FALLS!!!……Sloooowly I turn………Step by Step…….Inch by Inch….” and Aunty had to laugh because I also cannot hear anyone mentioning Niagara Falls and not do the head swivel, stomp, and “NIAGARA FALLS!!!!”…….  Those knuckleheads used to keep me in stitches when I was a young kid, and they still do when I get treated to a clip from the past.  (click on video above to enjoy!)

Recently, Jalna wailed about her ingrown toenail and the very nice and gentle doctor that she went to see.  I could relate, because I was undergoing a root canal, followed up with a new crown and long sits in the dental chair with a mouth full of numbing shots, gizmos, drilling, and suction.  It seemed like it would never end.  For days after, there was a pervading sense of pain from the wounded gums, and Aunty was flat out tired of teeth.  Tired of flossing, tired of brushing, even tired of chewing.

Aunty’s teeth are finally returning to normal.  That means nothing is going wrong with them, so I just take them for granted.

Isn’t it weird, the way our thoughts are wired?  Our attention is focused on the junk stuff and the wonderful everyday miracles are taken for granted.  Why is that?  Please comment below if you have the answer, or better yet, a solution.

Meanwhile, here’s something I found from Kevin Elliott:


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