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Ultimate Blueprint – Info Marketing Millions

Jeff Vacek and Ken Preuss of Info Renegades were in Honolulu this May 2012 to present a 3 day workshop entitled Info Marketing Millions Ultimate Blueprint Event at the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki.

This was an eye-opening training event.  I subscribe to a LOT of newsletters, programs, and free reports.  Much of the sales promo looked similar – as if they got it from the same book or template – the language, format, colors, layout, header, etc. – kind of like WordPress has “themes” that you can choose from for your own blog site and everyone who chooses that “theme” has sites that look very similar to each other.

Regarding the sales promo pages that all look alike, it is because – they ARE.  They “model” (I call it copy) each other – especially the most successful internet marketers.  What works for the one with the most success will work for you.

Maybe Aunty is too old school, and so this “modeling” was a turn off to Aunty at first.  Old school or not though, Aunty saw the potential of info marketing and wondered if the strategies learned during the weekend could be applied to Honolulu Aunty somehow, in a way that Aunty could accept.

We were taught 4 keys points of Information Marketing:  1) Fulfilling core human wants, 2) Thinking beyond the e-book, 3) Modeling after success by creating your own version of what already works and sells, and 4) Thinking Joint Ventures.  The emphasis was placed on Joint Ventures, and for good reason.

Joint Ventures is utilizing affiliates.  You share in the revenues by promoting someone else’s product to your email list, and they share in your revenues by promoting your product to their email list.  A Joint Venture is when 2 marketers connect to leverage their resources – subscriber lists and/or products.

The 4 most successful Joint Ventures are the sales funnels of:  Emails to Teleclass (video or audio), Email to Telesummit (a series of calls and info from more than just you), Email to Free Report (written), and Email to Affiliate Sales funnel.

One of the first decisions to make is choosing your niche.  What do you have a passion for, a genius for, a commitment to?  Ken and Jeff call this your P-G-C.

Another first decision to make is which revenue model (teleclass, telesummit, free report, affiliate) you want to pursue.  Once you have chosen your niche and revenue funnel, study the way the most successful marketers in that niche and revenue funnel message their product, and “model” them.

This workshop started off slow and uncomfortable (because of the “modeling” = twisted copying) techniques and after the first few hours, Aunty seriously thought that this was not for her – it just didn’t seem ethical.  At that point, it was almost as if Jeff and Ken could read Aunty’s mind.  We were asked if we rather be right, or rich.

We were taught to do market research by seeing what other gurus and top internet marketers were doing in any chosen niche, and how to “swipe” their sales copy in order to model for ourselves.  This, we were told, is done as the norm – and it must be true because of how similar the sales copy, opt in pages, congratulations pages all look alike in format, content, appeal.  (okay, so Aunty got a bit more comfortable with that because it is duplicating what everyone else duplicates and is acceptable in the industry, almost laughably acceptable.)

[Caveat:  a big NO NO is to copy the actual product, such as another person’s eBook because the original content of products falls under copyright laws and punishable with extracted fingernails or worse.]

Duplicate what works for others and make it work for you.  The message here was not to re-invent the wheel when it comes to marketing strategies.  Our passion, genius and talents are put to better use with product development than to start from scratch for the sales copy and materials.

By the end of day 1, we got into the “meat” of the education, and the light began to come on for Aunty, though still with some reservations.

Then, Day 2 and 3 were totally awesome and mind blowing!  (watch for Aunty’s seminar notes coming soon.)

Info marketing fulfills a need.  My favorite guru, Robert Kiyosaki, has said that we have moved from the industrial age into the information age with the advent of the internet.  People have a thirst for knowledge and are searching for solutions.  Providing those solutions is key, providing information and solutions utilizing joint ventures is explosive.

The lessons we all learned in the 3 day course of the Ultimate BluePrint – Info Marketing Millions was invaluable, and I truly hope that each and every participant at this event finds their niche and is successful in promoting, reaching out, and having their goals fulfilled.  Although Aunty’s chosen investment vehicle is cash flowing rental real estate, the possibilities of generating serious income from info marketing with joint ventures is unlimited, and it can be done ethically and Aunty’s way.

One day Aunty’s Bookstore may be born, or a mature aunty’s site will be profitable.

If Ken Pruess and Jeff Vacek come to your town to teach, run and sign up for their classes.  They are living proof that you can make millions with info marketing, and you can tailor it to the way that fits into your own standard and quality.

It is a lucrative business.  Aunty gives two thumbs up.





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