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Want free Starbucks?

Aunty learned something from her youngest daughter today – or rather from a postcard that came in the mail for youngest daughter…

This was a postcard for a FREE DRINK (We’ll make any drink you like.)  This was given because of 15 stars (which I suppose are for separate purchases).

Well!  Aunty has recently discovered the delectable and delicious Caramel mochiatta (or something like that) which is lip lickingly yummy (Aunty likes it hot but it is also available cold), and rather reasonably priced at ~$4.50 since it is like sipping dessert.

So, when Aunty saw youngest’s postcard, I salivated, and wanted the same.

Happy happy joy joy, we can all indulge by signing up online at!

Enter your name, etc. info, and then they want your Starbucks card info.  Hmmm.  Aunty will go to the local Starbucks and get a card – or, you can choose from the selection they have online.  I suppose they will mail you one, but being picky, Aunty wants to see the choices at the store.

Too bad Aunty just had her birthday, because they also give a free drink to help us celebrate!  It may take me 15 months to get 15 stars since I hardly go to Starbucks, but it sure will be nice when Aunty gets her FREE drink for that and also for her birthday next year!  Aunty’s free drink has already been picked out – creamy vanilla-flavored syrup, freshly steamed milk with a topping of velvety-rich foam, an intense hit of our Espresso Roast, a finishing of buttery caramel drizzle …

My lips are smacking.

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